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Top 3 Tips // How to Get Back Into a Routine!

Hey everybody!! Long time no see… Let’s face it, spring break and any break away from reality is AWESOME, but what happens when you have to go back to your regular life? Whether that be work or school for you, here are the tips that worked for me this week transitioning back into college life… somewhat successfully? Maybe, maybe not, but these could help you! I wish I was still at the beach.

1. WRITE IN YOUR PLANNER!!!!!!!!!! Or whatever “planner” you may have

Okay yeah yeah yeah, anybody who ever gives you any advice about school says to use a planner. But I’m serious. I always have my planner at the beginning of the school year to plan out work and school and the gym and other activities, but it usually ends up at the bottom of the bag. You can get a cheap cute one from TARGET Now that I’m transitioning back into my routine I use sticky notes to plan of my week so I can physically take them off when I finish something.57551354249__3A025211-20C9-485D-A7BD-ED6380B6C3F9

2. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.

OKKAAAYY, I know you want to stay up super late watching Youtube videos or Netflix, but having a consistent sleeping schedule is KEY. I also love Bath and Body Works SLEEP SPRAY for those nights when you cant get sleepy.

Getting into a consistent sleeping schedule will just make your body feel RESTED and ready to take on the craziness of your day.


3. Eat good/ workout/ take care of yourself.

Yes, your school or work or whatever you have going on his so important and should take priority. You need to make sure you spend some time taking care of yourself though! I love to start my morning with a yummy breakfast, try to eat a good lunch, and eat something I love like Chick Fil A for dinner.


Food is essential and working out helps so much. I like to do yoga to clear my mind and relax, also running is so good. Not only will you get the benefits physically of working out, but you will mentally feel a difference.


Take care of YOU!!! If you know you like being alone, be alone. If you know you like to be with your friends, do that. Know yourself and make yourself feel good and loved!!


I hope these tips help you settle into your routine and feel ready for next weeks challenges! You got this!!!!! If you don’t feel back into your routine right away, that’s okay and normal! It’ll take time but these 3 tips always help me feel good about it.

Love, TheInsideView ❤

Maddie Green

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