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Friday Inspiration / HOW to gain confidence to achieve your goals

Happy Friday! You made it! Whether this week was super frustrating and difficult, or exciting and productive, be PROUD of yourself. Click HERE  to follow along my journey on instagram.


This week was super all over the place for me! I just got back from being at home in Colorado for Valentine’s Day weekend, and adjusting back to school, work, and college life is always hard. I wanted to share with you a little confidence and motivation in your goal setting!


  • Goals are SO important so how do you set the right ones? They need to be SPECIFIC. I like to make my goals more short term so I can know when I accomplish them and HOW I will achieve them.  Obviously, long term goals are much needed, but started with the smaller ones will help you get to those long term goals.
  • There are 4 major categories that I use:
    1. PROFESSIONAL for example, one of mine is to apply for the honors program at the school I want to attend
    2. PERSONAL for example, one of mine is to become more flexible and better at dancing
    3. FINANCIAL for example, one of mine is to apply to at least one scholarship a week
    4. RELATIONSHIP for example, one of mine is to communicate better with my friends, family, and boyfriend


  • Creating a plan of action is essential to success! Goals without a plan are just dreams, and yes we LOVE dreaming but when the reality is better than your dreams… that’s when you’re living!!
  • A plan of action is taking your goals and saying HOW and WHEN will I do this?
    • For example, for my professional goal, I will work on writing the essay before the end of the week and submit it
    • For my personal goal, I will stretch for 15 minutes every day and work out at least 3 times a week. I track my progress in a journal!
    • For my financial goal I google different scholarships and bookmark the ones I want to apply to, and then before every Sunday I apply
    • For my relationship goal, when I am texting my loved ones I want to stay more present. I work on this by getting other work or distractions out of the way before communicating

The first rule of goal setting is, when it doesn’t work out, try again

  1. Evaluate your resources
  2. Track your progress
  3. Set a time frame
  4. Break your big goals into smaller ones
  5. Don’t be alone
  6. Advertise your goals
  7. Be optimistic, unexpected things always happen


  • Self-love and confidence, not only does it feel good, its super important in achieving your goals!
    • You can feel more self love by praising yourself for your small achievements and giving to others.
    • I love to write my to-do list on sticky notes and reward myself once I cross them off!
    • Also, I gain self-confidence from complimenting others or praising them for their hard work! It just feels good.
  • Support from others is much needed!
    • Just like said above in the plan of action, advertising your goals to others will
      • verbalize your goals outloud for yourself
      • and also others can hold you accountable!
    • We are all in this together and Im sure your family and firends would love to holde you accountable and see you suceed.

Now, this is just a vague outline to success.

  • Use this as your outline to start planning for your success
  • If youre a go with the flow need no plan kind of person, well this will be an eye opener for you, and you can do this!
  • If youre already a consistant planner well this will give you more direction in your plans!

Other peoples expectations are NOT YOU”

  • Are you working on you?
  • Are you taking control of your life?

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